This 3D model consists in materializing my version of the Court of Owls mask in Batman's comic strip: The Court of Owls. It is a secret organization of rich and powerful men and women who have ruled the city of Gotham for centuries.

3D modelling and printing is really fun. I particularly enjoy the modelling process of working on something that doesn't yet exist; something I can manipulate and shape in order to materialize it! 

3D Printed Mask

  • I first used Fusion360 to model my concept, but quickly realised I needed an organic 3D modeler and switched to Blender, a software I will continue to use.  


    PLA Plastic

  • Randy Kanyoka

    Student Numerical Art

    Collège La Cité (Rapid Prototyping Course with Chantal Rodier)

    Using University of Ottawa Makerspace

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Photos Mélanie Gosselin