The Bowie Brain is a friendly microcontroller kit for intermediate robots, animatronics, and automation projects.


Follow along with our instructions to solder your own robot brain, and get started with our example code libraries. The kit is compatible with Arduino, so you can leverage the entire community of existing code that's available. There are plenty of connections for inputs and outputs to control actuators, indicators, read sensors, GPS, mesh communication, and more.


Skill level: Intermediate. Please note that there is soldering involved with this kit. You will need a soldering iron, solder, diagonal cutters, wire strippers, an xacto knife, and tape.

Bowie Brain Kit


    What's included in the kit?

    • Necessary resistors, diodes, LEDs
    • Teensy 3.6
    • Two current sensors
    • Motor driver
    • 3.3V voltage regulator, speaker
    • Barrier block and screw terminals
    • Connectors for the motors
    • 3V coincell battery for RTC
    • 3D printed enclosure
    • Necessary fasteners

    * Note: The XBee is not included in this kit


    Brought to you by the team that developed Bowie the robot for cleaning plastic from shorelines at Robot Missions ( Use this brain kit to embed into your own environmental robot!

    Coming soon links to get started:

    • Build instructions 
    • Getting started code 
    • Bowie Library Github Repository

    Check out Robot Missions in action:


    Watch a Bowie robot brain surgery to see what you could do with your kit:

    Disclaimer: Robot Missions Inc. is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries caused from our kit.

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Photos Mélanie Gosselin