Got a dog allergy but really want a dog? Adopt Derples at a fraction of the price of a real dog. Made out of a clear acrylic material, he can be your low maintenance home-dog (pun intended) that doesn't require any food or water. All he needs is love, care and perhaps a home on your backpack or shirt so that he can have fun outdoors with you!

Everything is handmade by Jenny of STEAMedMakeShop from the design, to laser-cutting, colouring, finishing and packaging. Colouring of each pin will vary slightly.

Lapel Pin - Derples

  • A decorative pin for a suit blazer/dress shirt lapel made of lasercut acrylic and paint.


    Lasercut acrylic, silver-plated copper pin and backing


    1X1X 0.25 inch thickness

  • Jenny Liang


    B. Mechanical Engineering

    University of Ottawa

© 2019

Photos Mélanie Gosselin