The main inspiration for my project came from the invented characters
by author J.R.R.R. Tolkien in his heroic fantasy books. It is mainly
known for his saga of the Lord of the Anals but it is above all his book Contes and Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth which
inspired me. In his collections, he often refers to forest dwellers
(elfs, nymphs, fairies, goblins and other creatures that inhabit it) among these creatures is the spirit of the forest which is very often represented by a female character to symbolize mother nature and, this character is very often characterized by deer antlers. I chose to pay tribute to this character.

3D Printed Mask

  • I created the 3D model within Blender software and 3D printed on Ultimaker 2.

    Through 3D printing, I became aware of the presence I
    could give to my ideas. 3D printing allowed me to bring to life, in a physical and concrete form, what was once just an idea, a concept, an inspiration!

  • Sonia Mehour

    Student Numerical Art

    Collège La Cité (Rapid Prototyping Course with Chantal Rodier)

    Using University of Ottawa Makerspace

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Photos Mélanie Gosselin