Set of 4 plexiglass nature filled cubes


The Pine Needles used for Natur3 Cubes are collected from recycled Christmas trees in the surrounding area. These needles are therefore upcycled and dried.


Black Walnuts are native to eastern North America and are recognised for their high nutritional content. The Black Walnut wood is highly prized for its strength and colour.


The discovery of grains is what enabled the agricultural revolution thousands of years ago and enabled the sustenance required for the human race to flourish. Today, grains remain a crucial component of our diet representing the largest source of carbohydrates our body burns for energy.

Decorative Nature Cubes

  • Material

         Laser cut clear acrylic cube

  • Stéphane Gosselin

    Community Member

    Using MakerSpace @ University of Ottawa

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Photos Mélanie Gosselin